Fascist Experience and the Embodiment of Us and Them

Doris Brothers og Jon Sletvold i Bergen
Torsdag 25. mai 2023 KL. 18:00
Arrangement av Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek

Portrett bilde av Doris Brothers and Jon Sletvold

This presentation is largely based on a recent article published in Ricerca Psicoanalitica, entitled, “The Embodiment of ‘Us and Them’: Fascist Experience in a Traumatized World.” Deeply concerned about the rise of ultra-nationalism and the ascendance of authoritarian leaders in the western world, we came to feel that a great deal of what we called “fascist experience” had infiltrated our lives and those of our patients. We find support for our view that vulnerability to the us-them binary of fascist experience pervades our world in Wilhelm Reich’s masterful and prescient book, The Mass Psychology of Fascism (1933/1942). He suggests that “. . . there is not a single individual who does not bear the elements of fascist feeling and thinking in his structure.“

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Doris Brothers, Ph.D. is a co-founder and faculty member of the Training and Research in Intersubjective Self Psychology Foundation (TRISP). She was co-editor with Roger Frie of Psychoanalysis, Self and Context from 2015-2019 and chief editor of eForum, the online newsletter of the International Association of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology (IAPSP). She serves on the advisory board and council of IAPSP. Her books include: Toward a Psychology of Uncertainty: Trauma-Centered Psychoanalysis (2008), Falling Backwards: An Exploration of Trust and Self-Experience (1995), and with Richard Ulman, The Shattered Self: A Psychoanalytic Study of Trauma (1988). She works in private practice in New York and Oslo.

Jon Sletvold, Psy.D. , is a licensed specialist in clinical psychology and psychotherapy. He is founding board director and faculty member at the Norwegian Character Analytic Institute. He is co-editor with Marianne Børstad of two books: Den terapeutiske dansen [The therapeutic dance] and Karakteranalytiske dialoger [Character analytic dialogues] and the editor of Tage Philipson – Kjærlighet og identifisering [Tage Philipson – Love and Identification]. He is the author of The Embodied Analyst: From Freud and Reich to Relationality,2014, winner of the Gradiva Award 2015 for best psychoanalytic book. With Per Harbitz he co-authored Fra musklepanser til kropper i dialog– Da Reich kom til Norge og det som skjedde etterpå … [From Muscular Armor to Bodies in Dialogue – When Reich came to Norway and what happened afterwards …], 2019.

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